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제목 <9th of the Incoming undergraduate & 11th of the undergraduate, graduate >Accepted wait-listed students for Spring, 2017
No. 194 작성자 학생(외국인/가족) 작성일 2017-04-17 조회수 793

Accepted wait-listed students for Spring semester, 2017

Please check the below accepted number of waiting list


Accepted wait-listed students:


1. Incoming Undergraduate (Male/919A~D, 921~26Bldg) : none
2. Incoming Undergraduate (Female/919A~D, 921~26Bldg): none
3. Undergraduate (Male/919A~D, 921~26Bldg): 168 ~ 173
4. Undergraduate (Female/919A~D, 921~26Bldg): none
5. Incoming Undergraduate (Male/906bldg): none
6. Incoming Undergraduate (Female/906bldg): 6
7. Undergraduate (Male/906bldg): none 
8. Undergraduate (Female/906bldg): none
9. Graduate Single (Male/918bldg): 66 ~ 67
10. Graduate Single (Female/918bldg): 110
11. Graduate Single (Male/900~906bldg): none
12. Graduate Single (Female/900~906bldg): none
13. Graduate Double (Male/900~906bldg): 216 ~ 221
14. Graduate Double (Female/900~906bldg): 153   


Students who fail to complete registration procedure(documents submission & Fee payment) within the registration period will be considered to give up the registration and your reserved room will be handed over to the next candidates automatically.

The accepted wait-listed students who already living in the dorm also should complete the registration procedure. (The Graduate should also pay the dorm fee to their virtual account.)


By following the guideline from the Ministry of Education and the Administration for Disease Control and Prevention, the Vaccination report for Measles will be added to the main submission documents. The successful candidates must prepare the Medical certificate and the Vaccination report for Measles as well.


Please carefully read the guideline, and following directions.

The Gwanak Residence Halls Office will contact to the each accepted students to ask their opinion whether they will enter the dorm or not.
If the students don't have any contact number, we will send a E-mail to them so please keep focus on your E-mail.(We usually send it to your E-mail address which is registered in your My_snu portal information)


The next announcement date is April 24, 2017.



For proper completion of the registration process, you must submit both the required documents(Passport copy, Medical certificate which is included Chest X-ray result and the Measles Vaccination Report) and the housing payment during the designated period. Failing to submit both of the requirements within the specified time period will be considered as a renunciation of given housing assignment and therefore the assignment will transfer to a student on the waiting list.



1. Registration period


2017 April 18 (Tue)  ~ April 21 (Fri). 10:00~17:00

(Lunch Time 12:00 ~ 13:00) 


2. Documents Submission: 2017 April 18 (Tue)  ~ April 21 (Fri). 10:00~17:00


[Register mail: April 18 ~ April 20 (Thur), 17:00.


Registered mail will only be accepted if received until April 20]


The required documents: A Copy of passport and Medical certificate (Original)


* Research student have to submit the "confiimation of research student" which is attached to this notice.


- A copy of passport which shows your I.D Photo, Birthday and Signature

- An original certificate of health examination.(Original copies issued no earlier than 6 months before the official move in date(2017.3.1.)


The medical certificate should include Chest-X ray result and Vaccination report for Measles with Doctor’s signature, Issuing date and Hospital address. (Should be written in English or in Korean)


Document submission instructions:


- Personal drop-off : Gwanaksa Administrative office, Bldg.900 1st floor.

- Mail : You Must send the document via DHL, EMS or any other registered mail to the following address


[Our address] Bldg #900, Gwnaksa Administrative Office,  

Seoul National Univ. Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu,  

Seoul, Republic of Korea. (Zip code: 08826)


Documents sent via mail, MUST arrive at least a day prior to the announced deadline. It means that it have to be arrived at Gwanaksa office by 2017 April 20 ,17:00.


- Any document sent via fax, e-mail or delivery service is not acceptable.


- The documents can also be submitted by your representative.


3. Dormitory Fee Payment: 2017 April 18 (Tue)  ~ April 21 (Fri). 10:00~17:00


Only weekdays,10:00~17:00


How to print the bill.


: >> Log in >> Dormitory >> Click “Print the bill, (고지서출력)” >>Click “출력” button.


Pay the housing fee.


: Choose a bank from the two options provided (Nonghyup/Shinhan) and deposit the payment in its exact value to the virtual account number given.


The virtual account only opens from 10:00~17:00 during the designated payment period.

Payments made from abroad can not be accepted.


Housing Fee



Bldg.921~926 : 385,000 won 

Bldg. 919 : 430,000 won


Bldg.906: 576,000 won


- Residence fee includes 100,000won amount of deposit. (Deposit will be 100% returned in case of no loss or damage to facility)


Graduate student


- Single room(Bldg.900~906) : 439,000 
  = Difference amount for the Monthly management fee(146,000) + Deposit(293,000)


- Double room(New dormitory): 312,000
  = Difference amount for the Monthly management fee(104,000) + Deposit(208,000)

- Single room(Bldg.918): 285,000
  = Difference amount for the Monthly management fee(95,000) + Deposit(190,000)

- Residence fee includes monthly dormitory fee for April + deposit(one month dormitory fee)(Deposit will be 100% returned in case of no loss or damage to facility)


Detail instructions for housing fee


Undergraduate: dormitory fee have to be paid quarterly.


- Spring semester (beginning of Mar ~ middle of Jun): Must be paid when you enroll.


- Summer vacation (Middle of Jun ~ end of Aug): Optional choice, at the end of May


- Fall semester (beginning of Sep~ middle of Dec): Must be paid at the beginning of Jun


- Winter vacation (Middle of Dec~ end of Feb of following year): Optional, payment at the end of Nov


* Failing to pay the fee for fall semester, you are not eligible to stay at dorm from September.


Graduate student: Monthly payment.


- From April, Gwanaksa housing fee will be paid on the 2nd or 15th of each month by CMS. CMS is a kind of automatic withdrawal system and you can apply it at the bank.


- Deposit: Unpaid housing fee will be replaced by deposit. Nonpayment until the 2nd of the following month will be result in eviction.


* Consequence of nonpayment of housing fee.


- First failure to pay a housing fee at the first due date (on 2nd) : SMS and notice of nonpayment will be sent.


- Second failure to pay a housing fee at the second due date (on 15th): SMS and notice of warning will be sent.


- Third failure to pay a housing fee on the 2nd of the following month: Eviction from dormitory.


ALL THE Graduate students MUST submit the confirmation of the CMS(Cash Management Service) to their RA prior to move-in. Dormitory fee have to be paid monthly for graduate student.


2017 New coming graduate student can apply for CMS after receive their student ID number.


Even if you are not a new student, if you are receiving a new student ID #, you must re-apply with the new student ID #.


* How to apply CMS


Visiting a Bank directly


- Visiting a bank-> Filling out the application of automatic withdrawal.


(Please refer to the below 'common input data')


Internet banking


-Internet banking-> Utility bill (공과금법원) -> Paying by giro-> Applying a giro automatic payment


Input data


-이용기관(Customer): 서울대학교 관악사 (Seoul National University, Gwanaksa)


- 요금종류(Category) : 기숙사비 (Dormitory fee)


- 이용기관 코드(Customer Code): 9980310536


- 납부자 번호 (Payer numbers) : Student ID number


- And fill out the personal information.


Enrollment period for CMS: 2017 April 18(Tue) ~ April 21(Fri) 


4. Additional Information


1) Check Gwanaksa website frequently. Gwanaksa do not contact the candidates about the result personally. Students have to check the result by themselves through our website.


2) Failing to submit both of the requirements within the specified time period will be considered as a renunciation of given housing assignment and therefore the assignment will transfer to a student on the waiting list.


3) If there is any false statement in the application documents (including identity, GPA, address, etc.), you will be asked to move out.


4) If the student’s school status is changed by leave of absence, completion or graduation, the person should check out voluntarily. If he/she is exposed, he/she will be expelled.(If you become research student, you have to submit the certificate of research student)


5) Move in date: 2017 April 18 (Tue) ~ April 21 (Fri). 10:00~17:00


Move in time  will be possible during 19:00~23:00 on Weekdays!!!! (Please meet the RA to complete the move in procedure)


6) On the payment bill, your assigned room and Building number will be written.


7) Please find Gwanaksa regulation and other information on our website.


8)Regarding "Double application"


If you apply for ‘Double Application”, you will get two or more waiting list numbers, one is for single room, and the other is for twin room. However, you cannot choose one of it. For example, you can’t wait for a single room when you get the admission of a double room. When additionally accepted both single&twin room, it is not possible to choose room type and room will be randomly assigned.


10) For further information, please contact to Gwnakas Administration Office (02-881-9200) or visit Gwanaksa website.

Gwanak Residence Halls


2017. 4. 17.

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