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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 [The 33th Mini Concert] Borderless Concert
No. 11414 작성자 대표조교실 작성일 2018-06-05 조회수 173

[The 33th Mini Concert] Borderless Concert

Seoul National University Gwanak Residence Halls invites you to “The 33th Mini Concert: Borderless Concert”. 

Please come and enjoy. Thank you!

- Date : June 19th (Tuesday), 2018

- Time : 7 p.m.

- Location: Sarangchae, 1st floor, Bldg. 920, Gwanak Residence Halls

- Artist : Kim Seoung Geun(Narrator)

- Program : Works by Byung Gi Hwang, Isao Matsushita, Debussy

We will prepare warm coffee and delicious donuts for attendees

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