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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 [For foreign residents] Buying living necessities
No. 6548 작성자 대표조교 작성일 2017-02-23 조회수 1427

Welcome to Gwanak Residence Halls!

SNU DORCH helps new coming foreign residents with buying living necessities such as bedding, stand lamp, shampoo, etc.
Do you think you need to know the best shopping spot near the Gwnakasa?
Or do you think it is difficult to make a shopping list for surviving in dorm?
Do you usually have some problems to communicate with Korean?
Then Do Not Hesitate to Sign this Program!

. When:
) 1st guide : 1, March, 17:00 ~

. Where:

) Gathering spot: The Entrance of Dormitory Cafeteria
(Building 919, in front of meal ticket box)

) Shopping Place, 1st Guide: Nakseongdai, WonDang Market

. How to Participate

Send E-mail to with your name, room number, phone number, and which one you want to buy before this event. Thanks!

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