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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 [The 28th mini-concert] Poem and Music
No. 6554 작성자 관악학생생활관 작성일 2017-04-07 조회수 717

The 28th Mini-Concert

Poem and Music

SNU Gwanak Residence Halls holds a mini-concert every semester in order to provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy high-quality music. We ask for your active participation in the 28th Gwanak Residence Halls Mini-Concert.

⁕ Date&Time 2017. 4. 18(Tue) 7:00 PM

⁕ Venue Sarangchae, 1st Floor, Building 920, Gwanak Residence Halls

⁕ Commentary Prof. Sngkn Kim (Department of Korean Music, Seoul National University

⁕ Performance HeeYoung Kim, Yiho Ahn, KOREAN MUSIC PROJECT

※ Hot coffee and donuts will be served. 

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