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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 The 29th Gwanak Residence Halls Mini-concert
No. 6565 작성자 대표조교 작성일 2017-06-01 조회수 409

The 29th Gwanak Residence Halls Mini-concert

A Midsummer Night’s Greetings with LATT Quartet

SNU Gwanak Residence Halls hold a mini-concert every semester in order to provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy high-quality music. We encourage your support and participation in the 29th Gwanak Residence Halls Mini-Concert.

⁕ Commentary: Prof. Sngkn Kim (Department of Korean Music, Seoul National University)

⁕ Performance: LATT Quartet

- 1st prize, Chamber music category at the Journal of Music Concour

- 1st prize, Chamber music category at KCO Music Concour

- 2nd prize at HongKong International Music Competition (1st in domestic preliminary stage)

- Participant of the Spirit of SNU Strings (SSS), Seoul National university

- Participant of the JVF music festival

⁕ Date & Time: 2017. 6. 13(Tue) 7:00 PM

⁕ Venue: Sarangchae, 1st Floor, Building 920, Gwanak Residence Halls

※ Coffee and donuts will be served

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