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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 2017 Conversation with the Dean
No. 6609 작성자 관악학생생활관 작성일 2017-11-17 조회수 203
..2017 Conversation with the Dean


Gwanak Residence Halls provide an opportunity for all residents to meet the Dean in person and to share thoughts about life at Gwanak Residence Halls. You may share inconveniences or suggestions about Gwanak Residence Halls, or show your special admiration for it. Please join in ‘Conversation with the Dean’ and help us to make the dorm better. We hope your participation.


Date : 2017. 11. 23 (Thur) 8 p.m.

Location : Bldg. 920 Sarangchae(1st floor)

Who : All residents who want to participate

The Agenda


1. About operation of Gwanaksa

      - Result of undergraduate dormitory(Bldg. 919, 921~926) improvement construction

      - Adjustment of dorm operation period

      - Current state of Global undergraduate dormitory construction / undergraduate dormitory   reconstruction plan

     2. Reports on student council activity and plans for next year.


※ Delicious pizza and coke will be provided!

※ Inquiries : Gwanaksa Resident Director Office (TEL. 02-881-9034)



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