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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 [31st Mini Concert] Christmas Concert "Peter and Wolf"
No. 6612 작성자 관악학생생활관 작성일 2017-12-05 조회수 180

[Gwanak Residence Halls 31st Mini Concert] Christmas Concert "Peter and Wolf"


- 2017.12.12.(Tue) 7PM

- SNU Gwanak Residence Halls Bldg.920 Sarangchae



: Prokofiev, Khachaturian, Christmas Carol, etc.



: Narrator and mezzo-soprano: Jong Hyun Choi, Piano: Min Jung Chung

Seoul National University Contemporary Music Band(Chia Ying Tu, Jeong Hyun Yoon, etc.)


A warm cup of coffee and Christmas doughnuts will be prepared for you.

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