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제목 <Notice> Move to other building from 906 bldg in winter vacation.
No. 8207 작성자 김태훈 작성일 2013-12-05 조회수 475
According to schedule that the visitors will use the 906bldg as we already notice to the student, the students living in 906bldg should move the other building during this winter vacation. Please follow the below details.
● This notice is only relevant with the undergraduate students the who living in the 906bldg in 2nd semester of 2014.

1. Schedule
a. Announcement the building : 2013 Dec 9(Mon),
b. Movement date : Dec 22(Sun) 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Lunch time: 12:00~13:00)

2. Payment
a. Fee : 478,000 won
b. Refund the difference
- 919bldg : 93,000 won
- 921~926bldg : 131,000 won
- The refund will complete within Dec 27(Fri)
c. Regulation of the refund. (Standard of the alloted building.)
- Enrollment ~ Dec 13 : 100%
- Dec 16th ~ 20th : 90%
※If you want to check-out before Dec 20, you should visit the Gwanaksa Office and fill out the ‘Cancellation form’
- Dec 23 ~ Jan 8 : 70%
- Jan 9 ~ Jan 25 : 50%
- Jan 26 ~ Feb 11 : 25%
- Feb 12 ~ : No refund
※The enrollment period and payment way, and refund regulation are same with the summer vacation registeration. You just pay the original dorm fee of 906bldg, and you will get the refund the difference within Dec 27.

3. Support

a. The movement company will support the student
b. Providing box and tape(※ Pack one’s thing by oneself)
c. On the movement day, the company staff will deliver your pack to your room.
d. After the winter vacation finish, the company will clean your room and help the movement.
※ Please keep your valuables by yourself.

4. Note.

a. Please keep the application period for the winter vacation enrollment.
b. If you do not stay in dorm during the winter vacation, you should check-out until Dec 22(Sun).
c. If you have further inquiry, please call 02-880-95404.

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