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Space for Communication! Gwanaksa encourage residents to have understanding for general knowledge as well as communication within the community.


제목 "A Feast of Spring" Music Concert fo International Students
No. 8238 작성자 관악학생생활관 작성일 2018-04-20 조회수 174

The ensemble concert, “A Feast of Spring” will be held for the international students, performed by ‘만파식적 풍류회 (Daeguem Association)’ and the Professors’ Saxophone Association. We hope all of you enjoy this beautiful ensemble and have a meaningful time to understand authentic pieces of the Korean music as well as classics. We are also providing giveaways complementary pizza and beverages as well.

Come enjoy the concert and join the fellowship with professors and new friends~

Date: Tuesday,  April 24.  6:50-7:40 pm.

Place: Sarangchae (사랑채), 920 dong

만파식적 풍류회 (Daeguem Association), the Professors’ Saxophone Association, and a special guest (Honorary professor, HyunBok Lee)

More information: 010-2370-7103

- ICC International Community Center -

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