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Space for a happy living! At Gwanaksa Family Housing the residents enjoy a comfortable and welcoming community. It is a home to a large multicultural population with many cooperative educational and social opportunities that people can share with their neighbors.


Please visit SNU Portal Site for Move-in Application and Status Check
  • How to apply for move-in
    • - Log in to portal site (
    • - Academic Affairs > Dormitory > Gwanaksa Family House
    • - Choose ‘Move in Application’ and fill out the form
    • - Click ‘Apply’ button
Pay Attention when you apply online!
  • Did you read guide to moving in/out?
    • - Please make sure you completely understood the notice on move-in application before you move on with the application.
  • You must submit the required documents within 7 days after your online application to complete the process.
    • - In case we do not receive required documents due to your inattentiveness, we are not responsible.
  • Please refer to the related documents when entering applicant’s status information
    (new student, student, research student) and make sure to record exact information.