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Title [Global Residence Halls] Application for the newly opening Global Residence Halls
No. 11533 Writer 학생(외국인) Date 2019-07-08 Hit 3524

 With the globalization of SNU and increases of international students at SNU, we will temporarily open the Global Residence Halls in September 2019 to provide better residence and education opportunities.

For the sake of the enhancement of the supports for international students, the Global Residence Halls will keep their most part with internationals. On top of that, to guarantee the stable dwellings of freshmen who enter SNU in the fall semester, the Global Residence Halls will be operated based on a dual-semester-opening system (move-in in March, move out in next year’s February; move-in in September, move out in next year’s August) from 2020. Further, the other Student Residence Halls (including the Undergraduate Residence Halls and the Graduate Residence Halls) and the Global Residence Halls altogether will be operated in an integrated way that allows both single- and multiple-choice applications.

The Global Residence Halls have 18,657.02m2 total floor area and 3 buildings (Building Numbers 915~917) with 2 basement floors and 9 above-ground floors each. Up to 960 people can be accommodated into either of the double rooms (single bedroom for 2 people in each unit) or the single rooms (4 bedrooms for 4 people in each unit). In addition, seminar rooms, lounges, and spaces for community and students’ club activities will be equipped with the Global Residence Halls. Furthermore, cooking will be allowed into designated spaces and free laundry will be possible for all residents. A convenience store, a cafeteria, a fast-food restaurant, and a physical training room will also be located on the first floor of the Global Residence Halls.

Maintenance fees for the 2019 period are decided as follows. The fees for the 2020 year will be readjusted by accommodating the last year’s national price increase/decrease rate through committee decisions.



(paying for each semester; Won)


(paying for each month; Won)

Bldg. 915~916

Bldg. 917

Double room

Single room

Double room

Single room






Maintenance Fee










Following is the schedule for application and selection.

1) Application period: 2019. 7. 22 (Mon.) 10:00 ~ 7. 26 (Fri.) 18:00

2) Announcement for the Selection Priority List: 2019. 7. 30 (Tue.) 11:00

3) Announcement for the 1st Round Selection: 2019. 8. 1 (Thur.) 11:00

4) Opening (Move-in): 2019. 9. 1 (Sun.) 9:00 ~ 18:00

Please refer to the notice entitled ‘Fall 2019 Gwanak Residence Halls Application ? Priority List & Selection’ on the Gwanak Residence Halls webpage for further details.(Click)

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