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Title Move-in Letter(2018-1st Semester)
No. 15 Writer 대표조교실 Date 2018-02-20 Hit 2433

Welcome to Gwanak Residence Halls! 

I am sending you the information regarding the move-in for the 1st semester of 2018. Please be well aware of the information below before moving in.

1. Move-in Schedule

- Official move-in day: 2.25(Sun) 13:00~18:00, 3.1(Thu) 09:00~18:00 (Lunch time 12:00 ~ 13:00)

- Move-in after the official day(2.26~2.28, 3.2~): Weekdays 19:00~23:00
※ If you need to move in after the official day, you must contact the RA at your building in advance in order to arrange your move-in.

2. Move-in Procedure

2-1. Visit the RA Office

① Add Kakaotalk Plus Friend(snugrh###) and send a message (Room·Seat number, Name)

   ※ ###: Building Number, ex) 101A 김관악

② ID Verification: Present your ID (Student Card or Resident Card/Passport)

③ Submit Personal Info: Phone Number, E-mail Address, Emergency Contact

④ Fill up the resident pledge form and receive relevant documents

⑤ Confirm your completion of online orientation & schedule for an interview session

2-2. Move into your assigned room

① Check the room condition: If there is any problem with the facilities/equipments in your room, you need to file a report on the “Repair Request” board of the dormitory website within 5 days from your move-in. After 5 days, you will be held responsible for fixing any problem with the facility/equipment in your room.

 Submit online room inventory checklist: You need to fill up the online room inventory checklist and upload it within 5 days on the website which will be notified later by the RA. The online room inventory checklist will later be used as evidence to determine whether you have any responsibility with any damage of the facility/equipment when you move out. Failure to submit the checklist will result in penalties, and any repair cost that occur later will be charged to you.

 Talk to your roommate: Decide on cleaning responsibilities, sleeping&shower time, and any other rules that need to be set with your roommate.

3. Materials to be prepared

- All personal items(bedclothes, toilet kit, etc.) should be brought by the residents

   ※ laundry basket, LAN cable, waste bin can be bought at the dormitory mart

- Electronic devices allowed in the dormitory: desktop, laptop, mobile phone, mobile charger, desk lamp, hair dryer, multi-socket adaptor with a power disconnecting function

   ※ Any electronic devices not listed above is not allowed inside the dorm. You will be penalized for bringing in and/or using such devices inside the dorm.

- Floor plan & facilities in the building

4. Things to remember about the move-in day

4-1. Using parcel service

- You can use the parcel service to send heavy items to the dormitory

 - Address: Your Name, 9XX-dong **-ho, Seoul National University Gwanak Residence Halls, 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826

- Place to collect your parcel: Parcel Center @ B1 Floor, Bldg.906, Graduate Residence Halls (You must bring your ID with you)
※ Please note that not collecting your parcel for a long period of time will result in a fine

4-2. Using your vehicle

- You need to drop your items within 20 minutes of your entry and immediately move your vehicle to the basement parking lot.

- A huge traffic congestion is expected around the dormitory. Please cooperate with the traffic control of our employees.

- Parking fee inside the campus: 1,500 won for the first 30 minutes, 500 won for every additional 10 minutes

5. Additional Information

5-1. Being aware of the Reward/Penalty Policy

- All residents are required to be fully aware of the “Dormitory Reward and Penalty Policy” before moving in. A large number of students live together in the dormitory, and thus failing to follow the rules will strictly lead to penalties according to the policies.

5-2. Required Participation (Online orientation, Room Interview)

- Online orientation: need to be completed within a given time period. Please refer to No. 6 below for further information.

- Room Interview: Find the schedule which will be notified in the building, and be present for your room’s interview session (Attend with your roommate)

- Penalties will be given for incompletion/absence: 3 demerit points will be given for incompletion, and additional demerit points will be given if it continues to be uncompleted.

※ More than 6 demerit points: future application to the dormitory will not be accepted

※ More than 10 demerit points: immediate expulsion from the dorm, and information regarding the disciplinary action will be reported to the affiliated college.

5-3. Change in Contact

- If you have changed your phone number or e-mail address, you need to follow the procedure below to change the registered information

① Change your personal info on the Portal site: MySNU > Academic Affairs > My Info > Modify Personal Info

② Report to the RA

5-4. Etiquette for Communal Living

- Time allowed for visitors to enter: Weekdays 17:00 ~ 22:30 / Weekends 09:00 ~ 22:30 
※ For residents in double rooms, you must discuss with your roommate about a friend’s visit even if the visit will be during the allowed time period
※ Please note that failing to abide by this rule will result in 5~10 penalty points or immediate eviction

- Please keep the dormitory (between rooms, floors, and buildings) quiet. Be aware of the noises you make (music, conversation, phone call, etc.)

6. Online Orientation (OT)

- Online OT Schedule: 2.21(Wed) ~ 3.04(Sun) (Orientation will be provided only during this period)

- How to participate in the Online OT

① Choose one from the two links below (English/Korean)


② Take the orientation

③ Click the "제출"(Submit) button to complete all steps    

- Failing to take the orientation will result in 3 demerit points

7. Inquiry
- 02-881-9XXX (Bldg.9XX RA Office) or (RA email address)

※ Inquiry via phone is available only on weekdays 19:00~23:00

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