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Welcome to Gwanaksa!

The merit of our housing can be found in its global and multi-cultural living environment that
many students are from more than other 80 countries and their nationalities are diverse. This
good living environment its self can be a resource of international networking

관학학생생활관 조직도

Student Ratio

Student Ratio
Category Total
Number of Students Percentage (%)
Male 1,378 28.8
Female 1,050 22.0
Sub-total 2,428 50.8
Graduate students Male 1,313 27.5
Female 1,036 21.5
Sub-total 2,349 49.2
Total 4,777 100

Number of Students

Number of Students
Buildings Category Residential Type Gender Number of Students
Bldg.918 Graduate Student Single Male 189
Female 120
Bldg.919 Bldg.A Undergraduate Student Six residents in one household
(three double rooms)
Female 579
Bldg.C Male 398
Bldg.921 Undergraduate Student Double Male 204
Bldg.922 Undergraduate Student Double Male 204
Bldg.923 Undergraduate Student Double Male 106
Bldg.924 Undergraduate Student Double Male 198
Bldg.925 Undergraduate Student Double Female 196
Bldg.926 Undergraduate Student Double Female 108
Bldg.900 Undergraduate Student Single Coed 24
Double Coed 180
Bldg.901 Undergraduate Student Single Female 24
Double Female 194
Bldg.902 Graduate Student Single Coed 24
Double Coed 232
Bldg.903 Graduate Student Single Coed 24
Double Coed 232
Bldg.904 Graduate Student Single Coed 52
Double Coed 488
Bldg.905 Graduate Student Single Coed 88
Double Coed 476
Bldg.906 Undergraduate Student Layer 1~5 Male 256
Layer 6~8 Female 180
Graduate Student Single Coed 7

Detail View

Detail View

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