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Gwanak Fitness Center

Place for Education in a Global Era!

Gwanaksa provides global and multi-cultural living environment includeing students
from more than 80 countries. This will provide a good international perspective and
resources for international networking.

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Operating Hours

Day Operating Hours 휴관
Mon. ~ Fri. 06:00~24:00 Not working on Holidays, 4th Sunday of every month
Sat. 09:00~22:00
Sun. 15:00~22:00


  • Fitness Center (Bldg.919 / Fitness)
체련단련센터 ( 919동 / 피트니스) 위치
  • Multipurpose Fitness Center (Bldg.920 / Crossfit)
다목적 체력단련센터 (920동 / 크로스핏) 위치

Facilities Photo

  • Fitness Center (Bldg.919)
  • Multipurpose Fitness Center (Bldg.920)