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Undergraduate Residence Halls

Place for Education in a Global Era!

Gwanaksa provides global and multi-cultural living environment includeing students
from more than 80 countries. This will provide a good international perspective and
resources for international networking.


사생실 내부구조 도면 사생실 내부구조 도면

Room Items in the Room Items in the Living Room
A building with four single rooms,
Double Room
- Corridor access type -
Bed, desk, bookshelf, chair, closet, blind, AC, mini-refrigerator, shoe rack,
shower room, bathroom

(Personal items including blanket & pillow is not provided)
[Prohibited items] Gwanaksa firmly prohibits possessing or using
any of the electric heating appliances
  • Lounge : furniture and utensils (1, 2, 3, 5, 7F)
  • Seminar room : appliances and utensils (1, 2, 4, 6, 8F)
  • Laundry area : washer, dryer, & iron (Each floor)
  • Gym, snack store, cafeteria, dormitory club room, multi-purpose room

R.A. Office

Work Hours R.A. Responsibilities Office Phone Location
Weekdays 19:00~23:00 Focus on the qualit of life in the
residence halls, including fostering
community, supporting residents,
and being attentive to safety and
security of residents.
881-9017,9167 (Bldg. 917) 1F of each building

Facility photo

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Facility photo
Facility photo