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Place for Education in a Global Era!

Gwanaksa provides global and multi-cultural living environment includeing students
from more than 80 countries. This will provide a good international perspective and
resources for international networking.

Sports Field

Behind Bldg.906
Open Hours
Free Hours Day time Night time
07:00~09:00 09:00~20:00 Summer 19:00 ~ 20:00 / Winter 18:00 ~ 20:00
  • Gwanaksa prohibits exclusive use of the field
  • Team of 10 or more students cannot use the field exclusively during the free hours
  • It is not allow to use the field after 20:00.
  • Sports other than soccer requires permission for its use(considering the damage on the ground)
  • Reservation Priority
    • Official Gwanaksa or SNU events will take priority for the use
    • Official use for Gwanaksa Student Council events
    • Official use for department events
    • Use for Gwanaksa residents(15 or more residents)
  • General Reservation
    • Use for SNU students
How to make reservation
Priority Reservation(02-881-9038)
  • Reserving through official document
    • Period 2-month~3-week prior to date for use(ex: If you would like to make reserve on June 26th, please make reservation by June 5th)- The department faculty must apply officially
    • Available date for use : Friday, Saturday(for other dates, please make a reservation on general reservation on Thursday)
    • Application process
      1. ① Confirm available hours through Gwanaksa website or phone: 02-881-9038
      2. ② Submission of official document: Weekdays 10:00~17:00
        • Electronic payment(recipient: Gwanaksa dean) or visit the administration office
        • Format: General official document (free format)
        • Required content: Purpose of the event, date, number of participants, contact info. of the host of the event
      3. ③ Place to submit documents: Gwanaksa Bldg.900, B1 Office of Planning & Coordination
      4. ④ Make a payment within 3 days by 5 pm after submitting required documents.
      5. ⑤ Confirmation(Gwanaksa website)
    • Available range for reservation
      1. ① Official event of the department(ex: Homecoming events or department sports event)
      2. ② Reservation from the department level is limited to once / 2-month & no more than 3 hours
    • Phone reservation is not available
      1. ① Applicant must appear on the Gwanaksa website for reservation
      2. ② Event of the main host must be the applicant
      3. ③ Contact information of the event staffs is require(Do not need to be the applicant)
    • Applicant must be an official staff
  • Reservation with a proof of residential status (Can not exceed 3 hours)
    • Period : Wednesday by 5 pm 1-month~2-week prior to date for use(ex
    • Application process
      1. ① Confirm available hours through Gwanaksa website or phone: 02-881-9038
      2. ② Submission of proof of residential status(require RA signature & limited reservation times)
      3. ③ Confirming submission of proof of residential status: visit Bldg. 900, B1 Office of Planning & Coordination
      4. ④ Submission of proof of residential status & application form(proof of residential is applied when there are 15 or more students)
      5. ⑤ Confirmation through Gwanaksa website(limit the exclusive use from certain department)
General Reservation(Every Thursday 09:00~18:00) Inquiries: 02-881-9010
  • Reservation for SNU members (visit
    • Application period : Thursday 09:00~17:00(can make reservation up to 2weeks(by Sunday) later from the day applying)
    • Application process
      1. Visit the Gwanaksa website (
      2. ② Facility use -> Click [Spots field]
      3. ③ Check the available date & make internet reservation – once a week, no more than 2 hours
      4. ④ On Thursday(the day making reservation) make a payment(If the payment is not been made, the reservation will be canceled automatically)
      5. ⑤ Confirmation available on Friday from 13:00
  • Others(non SNU member)
    • Period : Every Thursday 10:00~17:00)0
    • Application process
      1. ① Visit Bldg. 900, administration office
      2. ② Check the available time slot and make reservation
      3. ③ Make a payment
        • Available to make reservation only if there’s open space after 10am
        • Other teams(not SNU member) cannot make reservation in a row
Fees & Payment Method
  • Fees (per 1 hour)
    Category Day Time Night Time(fees for lighting system included)
    Weekdays 20,000won 30,000won
    Weekdays 30,000won 40,000won
    Team of 15 or more Gwanaksa resident is free of charge (need a confirmation paper from the RA)
  • Payment Due
    • Priority reservation : Within 3 days(by 17:00) from the day of official document submission
    • General reservation : By the day of request(Thursday by 17:00)
  • Payment Method
    • Bank Account : Shinhan bank 100-022-204970(Account holder: SNU Gwanaksa)
      1. ① Applicant for the reservation and depositor must be identical(For ATM user, the bank account holder must be the applicant or host of the event)
      2. ② Indicate the date and time of the reservation next to the name of the person making payment
        Ex1) Reservation from the ‘Social Welfare Department’ on Thursday 15:00~17:00: SocialWelTh1517
        Ex2) ‘Jane Lee’ Reservation on Thursday 15:00~17:00: JaneLeeTh1517
Cancellation & Refund
  • Cancellation process
    • Submit the ‘Cancellation Form’ to Gwanaksa administration office(Bldg.900, B1)
  • Refund(Refund will take place in a lump sum end of each month)
    • Priority reservation
    • General reservation
      • ① Cancellation before 3days of the reserved date will receive 50% of the total payment
      • No refund 1~3days prior to the reserved date
      • ③ Cancellation due to environmental factors such as the heavy rain are exceptions(100% refund)
  • Rules for the use
    • Use within a planned time, # of students, & purpose
    • No pets allowed
    • Excessive noise & drinking is prohibited
    • No smoking & use of fire
    • Any offense against public morals is prohibited
    • No bicycling & in-line skating
    • Do not wear shoes that can damage the ground
    • Do not exceed the reserved time
    • Cooperate with the staff
  • Restriction
    • Violation of the rules will receive a warning(yellow card or red card)
    • Penalty : 2-yellow card-> 1-red card, 2-red card-> can not make reservation anymore
    • Depending on the circumstances, strict regulation may be applied
  • Restriction varies by cases
    • Safety Issue Users are responsible for any accident that occurs
Cancellation form Download Proof of residency Download