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Facility Guide

Place for Education in a Global Era!

Gwanaksa provides global and multi-cultural living environment includeing students
from more than 80 countries. This will provide a good international perspective and
resources for international networking.

User Guide

Registration Period

Register online from 20th day to the end of each month for program of next month
For not residents of Gwanak Residence Halls, register on site from 25th of each month
(only Crossfit)

Registration Process

  • STEP 1

    Course Registration

    Gwanak Residence Halls homepage >
    Fitness Center >
    Course Registration (or Registration)

  • STEP 2

    Pay (Transfer)

    Transfer to: Shinhan 140-009-766056
    (서울대학교 관악학생생활관)

  • STEP 3

    Membership Registration

    Visit to the center on the first day to register your membership

  • Note regarding Payment
    Sender’s name should be identical with applicant’s name (check the fee amount), Payment must be in deadline

Fitness Center New Users

Visit and register membership at the fitness center (or multipurpose fitness center)

  • Please prepare your sneakers (Not allowed with sleepers, sandals, hills, etc.) and own water bottle.

Refund / Changing Course Policy

Sort Regulation
  • Refund due to program cancellation: 100% refund
  • Refund due to member's fault/cause (resignation, ailment, travel, other personal reason)
Fair Trade Commision (in accordance with Consumer Dispute Standard)
① 5 days prior to program start: 100% refund (municipal law)
② Prior to program start: refund after deducting 10% of the total payment
③ After program start: refund after deducting 10% of total payment + usage fee of program the day of cancellation

  • Fair Trade Commision (in accordance with Consumer Dispute Standard)
① Calculated by assuming 2 or more sessions per week : 30 days
② Calculated by 1 session per week : 4 sessions for montly payment

Start Day?
① If the agreement is based on number of usages ( 1 session per week program), Start day refers to initial usage date
② If the agreement is based on a time period, ( 2 sessions per week program) In most cases, start day refers to the first day of every month
  • G.X program class change (same rules for current/new members)
① Change Period: 25th of each month ~ 7th of next month
② Other: only possible for changes within program capacity / programs with same fee
Note ① Refunds will be conducted through wire transfer and transfers to accounts held in family's name will require documented proof of family relations
② Refund is impossible for expired programs
③ Refund will be conducted based on date of refund request, we urge you to request refunds as soon as possible

Refund Process

Submit ‘Refund form’ to the fitness center (form is attached) 환불신청서 다운로드 (버튼 이미지 필요)


  • 1st Round: Refund prior to start date (first day of each month) - within 10 days
  • 2nd Round: Collected the 27th of each month and refunded after proper administrative steps are performed - approximately 1 week