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Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled, or to-be-enrolled in Seoul National University's Gwanaka Campus who meet the following
requirements are eligible to apply

Minimum GPA (Except for New Incoming Students)
Classification Undergraduate Foreign student Graduate Research student
Grade Above 2.4 Above 2.3(Undergraduate)
Above 2.7(Graduate)
Above 3.0 Above 3.0
  • The overall GPA will include grade from summer school and the second semester will not be included.
  • Freshmen or students who do not have accumulated GPA are not applicable
  • Law school students: GPA 2.7 or above can apply
  • Graduate students who only registered for thesis research and therefore impossible to calculate the grade, are not eligible to apply for the housing.
No previous record of severe disciplinary action (disqualification from applying, accumulation of more than 6 demerits) and moving out from the dormitory due to inadaptability
Demerits will accumulate continuously for 2 years regardless of changes in student status. The criterion for recovery of right to enter is the applying period.
Diagnosed as healthy from the medical examination (Carriers/ Patients of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis not
  • Must include: Chest X-rays, Measles Vaccination
  • Official diagnosis required (copies won’t be accepted)
Guardians (Father/Mother) must both live outside Seoul. If at least one of them lives in Seoul(except for Nowon-gu, Dobong-gu), the student won’t be
eligible to apply.
  • Residents of nearby cities of Seoul (Boocheon, Kwangmyung, Anyang, Sihong, Gwachun, Sungnam, Gunpo and Euwang) will be considered as Seoul
    residents, not being eligible for the dormitory.
  • Graduate students (including research students) living in Seould(Nowon-gu or Dobong-gu only), and nearby cities of Seoul can apply,however students living outside Seoul have the priority.
  • Foreign/International students, Koreans living abroad, and the children of government officials that have been dispatched abroad don’t have any restrictions
    when applying.

Students that have physical disabilities and have difficulties with transportation can apply to the dormitories with
priority, regardless of the conditions mentioned above.