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Move-In Guide

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Moving In

Moving In Application Period
  • Every year mid November ~ beginning of December
  • Except, undergraduate freshmen·transfer students·readmitted students apply in beginning of February
  • Wait-list application of second term takes place in the beginnning of July (Number of selected students depend on the number of empty room that occur in the first term)
  • Details about the application process and schedules are posted annually around November on the Gwanak Residence Halls homepage.
Application Method
  • Click the ‘Online Moving In Application’ button in the Gwanak Residence Halls homepage or access SNU portal MySNU > Log-in> Academic affairs > Dormitory > Gwanaksa > Apply to move in
  • Details can be modified during the noticed application period (Finally modified derails will be applied)
Application Procedure
  1. step 1 Applying
  2. step 2 Selection
  3. step 3 Document & Payment
  4. step 4 관악사 입사