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Move-In Guide

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of the residency

Subject of application
Those who will not move-in before the move-in date due to personal reason and wish to get the maintenance fee(including deposit) refunded
Application period
Date of registration (document submission/fee payment) ~ Before the designed move-in date
Application method
Access portal MySnu > Academic affairs > Dormitory > Cancel move in > Fill out application form > Apply
Refund regulation
  • Withdrawal of residency before the designed move-in date : 100% refund
  • Withdrawal of residency after the move-in date : refund amount differs depending on the date of withdrawal application (refer to Residence Halls refund criteria)
  • Application of withdrawal of residency is mandatory for those who wish to cancel moving in before the move in
  • Once withdrawal of residency is applied after the designed move-in date, the refund of maintenance fee will be calculated based on the time of application