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Dormitory Clubs

Place to share thoughts and creativity!

Area to build cooperative interaction and social communication.

Dormitory Clubs

Gwanaksa clubs are composed of residents who voluntarily gathered for an activity that has a positive impact on the dormitory. Official
clubs have received an approval from the dormitory.
Currently, there are official clubs including Table Tennis Club, Hansori, Sori-NuKim, Soccer Club, and Baseball Club. BoGus, ISO, and
Christian gathering(SNU DORCH) are in process of official registration.

Club Registration Approval Process
1.Application  2.Activity & Evaluation  3.Enrolled as pre-registered club 4. 1 year of activity 5. Application for official enrollment 6.Evaluation  7.Approval
Category Pre-registered club Official club
Clubs with a background of at least
one year of activity
Pre-registered club with active work
Requirement Application for approval, supervision form,
list of members(more than 49 members),
performance report(1year),
club rules, resident agreement(70 residents)
Purpose& rules for the club, pre-registered period,
activity plan, proof of the activity,
recommendation & evaluation form
Qualification to Register as Gwanaksa Club
Decision made by 1st evaluation and 2nd evaluation through Gwanaksa faculty meeting