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Introduction of Family Housing

Space for a happy living!

At Gwanaksa Family Housing the residents enjoy a comfortable and welcoming community.
It is a home to a large multicultural population with many cooperative educational and social
opportunities that people can share with their neighbors.

Introduction of
Family Housing

Family Housing is provided for graduate(full time research) students who are married.
It is located inbetween Hoam faculty house and the research center. The housing includes 5th floor buildings 931~935 where 200 units
are available. There are 14 square meters, 15 square meters of units including two rooms, living room/kitchenette ,& bathroom. The
domestic students must bring their own furniture whereas the international residents will be provided with major essentials including bed,
table, desk, refrigerator, and gas range.

Faculty Introduction
Position Name Phone e-mail Duty
Officer Yeong-ji Oh 881-9160 Move In/Out of Residents, Dormitory Fee
Manager Jongyeol Sin 881-9042   Overall management
Manager Jaeho Kim 881-9042   Overall management
Janitor Chunja Myeong 881-9042   Hygiene management
Deposit, maintenance fee and other fees
Security Deposit and Dormitory Fee
Categories Deposit Maintenance fee(per month) Note
Korean 4,000,000 265,859 ※ Water rates are paid with maintenance fee.

※ Charges for electricity and gas are paid separately.

A 4,000,000 265,859
B 450,000 285,859

If you have any questions, please contact Gwanaksa Administrations Office (TEL. 02)881-9160)