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Living Guide

Space for a happy living!

At Gwanaksa Family Housing the residents enjoy a comfortable and welcoming community.
It is a home to a large multicultural population with many cooperative educational and social
opportunities that people can share with their neighbors.

Living guide

Linoleum/Wallpapers(when it is damaged)
Residents must repair it after move-in(new residence is responsible for the charge)
  • Check up for electric meter and other facility
  • Meeting with the Gwanaksa management to confirm the move-in and property checklist
  • Changing the internal structure of a building is prohibited
  • Please use the designatedgarbage bag
Korea electric power
  • Contact 580-2257, 580-2243
  • Check-up date every 4th of the month(staffs from Korea electric power will check)
  • Payment method receive the bills and make a payment at the bank
  • Location of the meter 1st floor of each building on the wall next to the stairs
City gas
  • Contact 876-0903~4, 3660-8177
  • Check-up date every 25th of the month(staffs from City gas will check)
  • Payment method receive the bills and make a payment at the bank
  • Location of the meter 1st floor of each building on the wall next to the stairs
  • Location basement of bldg.933
  • Entrance line 5-6, 7-8
  • Contact
  • 2018. 12 Closed
Vehicle holders
  • Document submission proof of vehicle registration, a certificate of residence(submit at Gwanaksa administrative office)
Stairs & Hallways
  • Please do not leave any personal items on the stairs & hallways
  • Leaving bicycles or other items will limit the use of stairs and entrance during emergent situation. Leaving personal items will disrupt the cleaning process and cause other inconvenience.
Parking lot use
  • Make sure to park within the parking line.
  • Due to the increased number of vehicles, please park with enough space so that other vehicles and people will not be blocked.
  • If you are parking in front or next to the other car, put the gears in neutral and release a brake.
  • Please do not park on the sidewalk.
Rooftop & Basement
  • Entering the rooftop & basement is strictly limited. It will be only used with the guidance of the management during the emergency.
  • Particularly, do not leave any personal items such as furniture and bicycles.
  • It is dangerous to enter the rooftop & basement. Only the staffs are able to enter. Therefore, please strongly inform the children not to enter these area.
  • Follow the recycling direction stated from the management office.
  • Double check the items that may cause fire before disposing it.
  • Please wrap the trash nicely.
  • Big trash such as old furniture and electric appliances must be located at the designated area.
  • Be considerate of the noise level inside the apartment. Concrete apartments can not prevent the noise.
  • Turn the volume down on electronics, such as radios and televisions.
  • Soft footwear makes less noise than heavy duty items such as boots or high heels on the stairs and hallways. Please be quiet at night.
  • During late night, shower, laundry use, door opening must be aware as well
  • For wall-to-wall neighbors, you may want to move the TV, radio, & piano way from those specific walls.
  • Practice "quiet time" rules with children. Instruct them to be quiet when the sun goes down. Instead of having them create havoc indoors, spend quality time outside, such as in a small community playground.
  • Please try to cover with towel or other materials when moving the furniture to reduce the noise.
Swage plan
  • Please do not discard other trash into the drain pipe. It will block the pipe and cause great inconvenience.
  • Please use toilet paper and do not leave any other times.
  • Do not flow down used left cooking oil or any kinds of oil. Remove it with regular trash into the designated trash bin.
  • Balcony should be considered as a common area because it share the same water pipe with other housing.
  • Do not press or push the balcony with strength. It is dangerous for children because children may fall or be injured. So please inform them not to lean over.
  • Do not put the laundry with disorder. Always make it clean and nice.
  • Non of the items should not be projected outside including the AC.
  • The water pipe can be a major cause of the noise. Please be aware of it.
  • Please do the laundry at the laundry area.
  • Do not dispose any food or trash.
  • Smoking can cause inconvenience to the neighbors.
Fire prevention
  • The entrance door is a fire door.
  • When you find fire, please inform to others loudly outside the window and call the office as well as 119.
  • When the fire is close remove any dangerous items from the balcony and close the window & door.
  • IF the fire started from your own room, be calm and use the fire extinguisher.
  • If the fire is cased by oil, cover it with towel and if the fire is on the the electric appliances, unplug the codes.
  • Close the main valve when the fire is caused due to the gas.
  • Locate the fire extinguisher toward the fire and turn the valve to the left for use.
  • When the fire is off, turn the valve of the fire extinguisher to the right
  • When you hear the fire alarm, please contact the management office immediately and always check the electric appliances and the gas valve before leaving outside.
  • During the emergency hours, please follow the fire exit and when you are moving outside of on the roof, please close the fire door.