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Move-In Guide

Space for a happy living!

At Gwanaksa Family Housing the residents enjoy a comfortable and welcoming community.
It is a home to a large multicultural population with many cooperative educational and social
opportunities that people can share with their neighbors.


You must be student at SNU Gwanak Campus or have received admission to be a new student. To be eligible for education,
you have to satisfy the following conditions.

Eligibility for Application
  • Graduate Students, Research Students who are married
  • If you are a new incoming student, you are only eligible to apply after you’ve paid the tuition
Restriction of qualification to move in
  • A person who are relevant to any of the provisions of Article 18 of 「서울대학교 학생생활관 규정」
  • A person who has a house in Seoul registered in his/her own name or his/her spouse’s name.
  • A person who has lived in a SNU Family Residence Halls before.
Please visit SNU Portal Site for Move-in Application and Status Check
  • How to apply for move-in
    • - Log in to portal site (
    • - Academic Affairs > Dormitory > Gwanaksa Family House
    • - Choose ‘Move in Application’ and fill out the form
    • - Click ‘Apply’ button
    • ※ Both domestic and international should apply online
Guide to Move-in Application
  • Online Application
    • - Rolling application during application period
    • - Required documents must be submitted within 7 days after you complete the online application. (Application is not complete until you hand in
      all the documents)
    • - Categorizing Applicant Status
      1. ① New students are categorized into students entering in fall term and students entering in spring term
      2. ② Students getting Masters and Ph.D degree together are considered as Ph.D students starting their 5th semester.
        (They will only be considered new Ph.D student for their 5th semester)
      3. ③ If you enter false information intentionally or by mistake, you will be held fully responsible for any disadvantage resulting from it.
  • Application Period for Move-in Application and Required Documents
    • - Period : Within 7 days immediately following the completion of your online application.
    • - Time : Weekdays 9AM – 6PM (Not open during weekends and holidays)
    • - Place : Gwanaksa Administrations Office/ Officer in charge of Family Dormitories
  • Announcement of Move-in Priorities
    • Date : 1st of March, June, September and December (If it’s holiday, the announcement will be on the next day)
    • * We assign priorities based on information of applicants who’ve completed application process until day before the announcement date.
    • - Method : Check online any time after the announcement date on Family Dormitory Website
    • - Final Announcement on Move in : Officer in charge will notify the applicants individually
    • - Decision-making of Final Confirmation : Announced based on move-in priorities as there’s resident moving out.
  • Required Documents for Move-in (The validity of Move-in Application and supplementary Documents for Family House is 6 months)
      • Domestic
      • - Move in Application (Gwanaksa Form located at Administrations Office – Please receive it there)
      • - An attested copy of resident registration (Must show your spouse and family; Must have been issued within 3 months) If you or
           your spouse is not recorded on the attested copy of resident registration, hand in 1 copy of family relationship certificate
      • - 1 copy among the following: Certificate of Enrollment (Tuition Payment Receipt for New Students), Certificate of Research
           Student Registration, RA Certificate
      • - Tax Payment Certificate for Asset (Housing) for both you and your spouse (Tax Payment Certificate should prove that you have
           not been taxed by Seoul regardless of your permanent address)
      • International
      • - Application form of Gwanak Residence Halls move-in(get the form in the administration office and fill it out)
      • - Certificate of marriage
      • - Birth certificate of children
      • - Passport or Alien Registration Card(both yours and your family members’ each)
      • - If you are Masters-Ph.D course student, hand in 1 copy of your transcript (so we can check which semester you are in)
      • - If your spouse is a student at SNU, you must record it on affiliation section for your spouse and hand in a document that can
           prove the affiliation
      • - If you are a student with disability, please hand in a copy of disabled identity card
Pay Attention when you apply online!
  • Did you read guide to moving in/out?
    • - Please make sure you completely understood the notice on move-in application before you move on with the application.
  • You must submit the required documents within 7 days after your online application to complete the process.
    • - In case we do not receive required documents due to your inattentiveness, we are not responsible.
  • Please refer to the related documents when entering applicant’s status information
    (new student, student, research student) and make sure to record exact information.