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BK Residence Halls

Space for a happy living!

The BK Residence Halls provides housing space and various facilities to residents in order
to help them adapt to the new surroundings. In addition, we are trying to cultivate national
talents with increased community sense and consideration for others.


Seoul National University's BK Residence Halls is a dormitory provided to Korean and foreign faculties and researchers as well as foreign graduate students (including research students) to stabilize their living.The BK Residence Halls is located in the back gate of SNU and consists of two buildings, 946A(family room) and 946B (studio), which are multi-family apartments that can accommodate 391 generations.

The area of the 946A (family room) is 56.26 square meters , and it has two rooms, a living room(also used as kitchen) and a bathroom. The area of 946B (studio) is 23.02 square meters of studio including a bathroom. All households are provided with essential furniture (bed, table, desk, closet) and daily necessities (refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine).

Person in charge

Position Contact E-mail Responsibilities
Office 881-9038 Move-in/out process and the settlement of administrative fee, etc.
System Control Office 881-9500 Management of Sanitary, Parking, Security, Environment, Repair, etc.