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Move-Out Guide

Space for a happy living!

The BK Residence Halls provides housing space and various facilities to residents in order
to help them adapt to the new surroundings. In addition, we are trying to cultivate national
talents with increased community sense and consideration for others.


A person who is subject to move-out

  • If resident wants to move out after a minimum period of occupancy
  • Residency Expiration
  • (faculty and researchers) Appointment expiration
  • (graduate students) Graduation, expulsion, suspension, or a leave of absence from school for 2 consecutive semesters(except the disabled)
  • Graduate student who has completed their coursework but has not registered as a researcher
  • Failing to make a payment twice in a row
  • False information on application or registration
  • Through Administrative Management Commiltee official metting, Dean acknowledges that a resident is unfit for cohabitation or has not followed the BK Operation Principles.

Application period

  • At least one month before scheduled move-out date
  • The application can be modified at least 15 days prior to the scheduled date of move-out.

How to apply for move-out

① Student : mySNU portal login > Academic Affairs > Dormitory > BK Int’l House > Apply to Move out
② Faculty & Researcher : mySNU portal login > Personnel/Welfare > BK Int’l House > Apply to Move out
※ If you do not already have a portal account, you must first sign up for an ID and then log in.

Application process

  • Move-Out

    At least 1
    month before
    the day

    mySNU portal

  • Room

    Need to
    restore back
    to the state it
    was in when
    it moved in

    BK Residence
    Halls Control
    (946A 1F)

  • Visit Control

    Public utility
    bill settlement
    data for the
    month of

    BK Residence
    Halls Control

  • Visit Administrati
    on Office

    Final settlement
    for utilities /
    monthly rent

    Residence Halls
    office(900 B1F)

  • Deposit

    Within 10 days
    from Move-out

    Residence Halls

※ Please visit the administration office after paying all the last utility charges and monthly rents.
※ You should returning to the facility and cleaning conditions at the time of moving in, and vacate the room in accordance with the procedures.
※ In case of poor cleaning conditions, a substantial amount of the cleaning expenses will be deducted from the deposit.
※ The Residence Halls will dispose the items residents left behind after moving out.