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Living Guide

Space for a happy living!

The BK Residence Halls provides housing space and various facilities to residents in order
to help them adapt to the new surroundings. In addition, we are trying to cultivate national
talents with increased community sense and consideration for others.

Living guide


  • Be mindful of actions that may affect the harmony of the community during residency and while in use of the facility.
  • Prevent the occurrence of fire and refrain from activities, such as smoking indoors, that are considered fire hazards.
  • Only use the designated entrance and exit points of the building and for the purposes of safety, refrain from informing the unit password to others.
  • Agree to follow all protocols of the Gwanak Residence Halls in case of contiguous diseases and other emergencies.
  • Refrain from making noise and smell that may disturb other residents and follow protocol in the case complaints are filed.
  • Preserve the internal structure of the unit and follow the policy that no lease and transfer of the unit are allowed.
  • Maintain the facility to prevent damage, and report for repair in case of damages.
  • Follow protocols of the Residence Halls in the case the unit is deemed unhabitable.
  • Actively cooperate with maintenance visits and allow entrance to the unit for safety inspections and maintenance routines.
  • Only the registered cohabitant is permitted to reside in the household.
    In case of changing member of residency, residents should apply in advance and gain approval from the Residence Halls.
    In addition, all changes in the contact information of residents and cohabitants should be reported immediately.

Payment of Residence Halls Fees and Additional Expenses

  • Deposit all Residence Halls Fees (Maintenance fee, Deposit fee and additional expenses) following the Residence Halls payment procedure within the designated time.
  • Pay all additional expenses responsibly
    - Public Utility Charge for utilities used within the unit such as electricity, water and gas.
    - Restoration fees for damages, contamination and loss within or to the facility due to resident negligence or intentional actions.
  • Replace all items within the unit such as light bulbs(except LED Lamp), shower curtains, batteries, and filters.